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Dedicated Servers - Colocation America

 Dedicated Servers Colocation America

Dedicated Servers – Colocation America

A dedicated server can be the remedy your organization need to excel to the subsequent level. Our specialized services are best for organizations that are not very prepared for colocation, but needs flexibility and superior manage more than their on the web presence.

Colocation America delivers dedicated server package that will assist you to reduce the direct costs, although delivering you with the space to comfortably expand in accordance with the requirements of your company. Realized that every business is exclusive, we give you the luxury of building your personal custom server greatest suited to your wants and budget.

Characteristics and Rewards

Our committed servers will give you a greater functionality, security and accessibility, making sure that your firm has all the functions and resources essential to be profitable.

* Outstanding efficiency – With all the bandwidth, storage and server sources at your disposal, the company will rise to new heights since from superb overall performance. This is produced attainable by Colocation America’s rock-solid infrastructure and lightning-quickly network.

* Powerful Security – A dedicated server will assist you rest easy by providing a superior level of safety. Our group of IT professionals will perform with you to guarantee that your server is safe as feasible.

* Maximum uptime – Apart from co-place, a dedicated server is perhaps the most reputable IT hosted answer on the market place. Colocation America assures reliability by leveraging technologies and technicians to ensure that your business stays on the web.

Responsive Technical Assistance

You can have manage of your internet presence, but as a collocation America consumer, you are never alone with your dedicated server. Our dedicated employees is obtainable to offer top quality service and assistance when you need it. Whether or not it is technical difficulty or a query, rely on our around-the-clock support program is created to keep your server optimally.

Shawn Jacobs is the marketing and advertising director at Colocation America. Shawn specializes in analyzing the sector for new market trends and breaking news.

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Dedicated Servers - Colocation America

ShipStation Completes Integration with eCommerce Platform Miva Merchant

mivamerchant 300x95 ShipStation Completes Integration with eCommerce Platform Miva Merchant

Miva Merchant Customers Gain Access to the Power of Multi-Channel Order Fulfillment

Miva Merchant, a leading eCommerce platform offering credit card services, shopping carts, hosting, and website development, and ShipStation, the leading web-based shipping solution company for online retailers, announced today a new integration with Miva’s eCommerce platform.

With the integration, ShipStation now supports multiple Miva Merchant features including; pulling in product weights and images, importing of notes from the seller or customer, and posting of shipment method, tracking and status. Miva merchants that add ShipStation to their stores can process up to 500 shipping labels in one-time batches, ship via all of the most popular carriers, and import orders from all marketplaces, as well as Miva Merchant.

“We continue to implement integrations at an accelerated pace, and welcome Miva Merchant and its large base of merchants,” says Nathan Jones, CEO for ShipStation. “Our company is always customer focused, and we are thrilled to now be able to offer current and future customers this option. They are a top-tier eCommerce platform, and their customers can now benefit from access to our solution that encourages efficiency through automation.”

“This integration means we can now offer our customers a seamless multi-channel order fulfillment solution that is easy to use,” said Rick Wilson, President of Miva Merchant. “Our platform offers considerable flexibility for customers, and we always want to help them streamline their processes and boost revenues. We’re excited to partner with ShipStation because our clients can save more time and present a sophisticated and integrated brand experience to their customers.”

Miva Merchant continues to attract partners that see the value of its eCommerce platform and services. This collaboration between Miva Merchant and ShipStation now allows tens of thousands of online merchants to streamline their order fulfillment processes.

About Miva Merchant

Miva Merchant offers a complete e-commerce solution consisting of PA-DSS validated shopping cart software, PCI compliant eCommerce hosting, credit card processing services and custom website design & development. Over 50,000 merchants use Miva Merchant’s highly customizable, intuitive and scalable eCommerce software. These merchants range from hand-selected boutique product stores to manufacturers directly integrating their manufacturing with distributor access and an online retail presence. To see examples of online stores running on Miva Merchant, visit

shipstation main 300x160 ShipStation Completes Integration with eCommerce Platform Miva Merchant

About ShipStation

ShipStation is a powerful, yet surprisingly simple web-based shipping solution that streamlines the order fulfillment process for online retailers. With integrations into popular marketplaces and shopping carts, ShipStation handles everything from order import and batch label creation to customer communication. Advanced customization features such as Automation Rules and Product Profiles allow ShipStation to fit businesses with any number of users or locations. As a SaaS, cloud-based software solution, ShipStation is compatible on both Mac and PCs through any web browser – from anywhere! For more information, visit

favicon ShipStation Completes Integration with eCommerce Platform Miva Merchant ShipStation Completes Integration with eCommerce Platform Miva Merchantfavicon ShipStation Completes Integration with eCommerce Platform Miva Merchant ShipStation Completes Integration with eCommerce Platform Miva Merchant

ShipStation Completes Integration with eCommerce Platform Miva Merchant

Casey Gollan: SEO Trends Entrepreneurs Need to Know

 Casey Gollan: SEO Trends Entrepreneurs Need to Know

Casey Gollan: SEO Trends Entrepreneurs Need to Know

Changes in SEO have continued faster within the past two years than ever before. But that’s no reason for entrepreneurs to feel a bit panicky and lost, says leading Australian business coach Casey Gollan who, in his latest Tip Sheet goes on to show why there’s still plenty of case for optimism.

“Many businesses are still reeling from the effect of Google Panda and Penguin updates,” says business coach Gollan, “but there is reason to feel optimistic about SEO in the long-term.

“For instance, the changes in SEO 2013 have been continuations of alterations that have been in motion for the last one to two years.

“Create content as part of your overall online marketing strategy. Build your social profiles especially on Google+. These two areas are most important for success in SEO 2013.”

In SEO 2013: Trends for Entrepreneurs Gollan shows how to take advantages of the changes in SEO in order to ensure a company’s growth for the remainder of this year and next.

Get an endorsement (link building) strategy established. In fact, no-one really refers to ‘link building’ anymore – it’s more about ‘link earning,’ says Gollan. Google Panda did away with sites which were of poor quality and referred to as content farms in an effort to ensure only quality content appeared at the top of search engine listings.

Google Penguin hit bad links so that sites with links which weren’t ‘legitimately’ obtained were marked down in the rankings, advises company marketing adviser Gollan. Links do, however, still matter as they’re a way of telling a visitor to a company site that it’s worthy of their attention.

Building links for a company is definitely a long term strategy, advises business mentor Gollan. The following is a guide:

Rand Fishkin of SEOmoz gets links through approaching people he admires in his industry via email and asking if there is anything he can do to help them ie promote their content on his social site via a link.

Derek Halpern of Social Triggers said people want to link to other websites for reasons which were either economic, social or moral. He advises one way to get a free link would be to interview someone who’s just released a new training program or interesting new service then publish that interview on the company’s site.

Quality content is still king when it comes to copy-writing and marketing, says business guru Gollan. People link to great content in a natural way because they want to share it. The more shares via social media sites, the better a company’s SEO and the higher it will appear in search engine rankings – particularly if targeted keyword phrases are involved.

Blogging is an excellent place to start when it comes to content marketing strategy. Writing posts on a weekly or even a monthly basis is a great way of showing Google that the company’s website contains fresh updated copy on a regular basis.

The type of content your blog should contain includes answers to the type of questions a company will receive from customers via email. Google AdWords Keyword Planner Tool can also help companies find out what sort of questions their customers have been asking.

Build a Presence on Google+

To improve SEO ranking social media is important. Social media shares and comments are having an increasing influence on a company’s SEO and search engine rankings – particularly when it comes to Google+.

Google Authorship is a new scheme which attempts to encourage authors to create and enhance their profiles on Google+. Having an image really help results and boost rankings.

Alter Content to Make Videos

YouTube videos are now regarded very highly by search engines via the Panda update. It’s easy enough to re-purpose content into a video or even create content for a video eg a car repairer could show what a dodgy engine sounds like.

More entrepreneurial and business marketing tips are available on Gollan’s website. Do your business a favour and sign up now!

Casey Gollan: SEO Trends Entrepreneurs Need to Know

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Serif WebPlus X6

Serif WebPlus X6

5114f89bv0L. SL160 Serif WebPlus X6

  • Customize and create your own stylish website with no coding

  • Build sites optimized for smartphones, tablets, desktops, and laptops

  • Sell products online with trusted e-commerce providers

  • Drag and drop buttons, logos and more onto your pages

  • Add Facebook and Twitter feeds as well as other social media sharing buttons

Easily create professional-quality websites for your business, club, hobby – anything. WebPlus X6 is the all-in-one website designer that combines drag-and-drop simplicity with flexible tools so you can quickly customise stylish templates or create completely unique sites – no technical expertise required.Add your own content, integrate social networks, use interactive gadgets and make money with e-commerce. Use built-in features like forms and polls to engage your visitors, and easily create mobile sites or a mobile version of an existing site. WebPlus X6 has everything you need to succeed, including automated site checking, search engine optimisation, and analytics. Serif WebPlus X6 Professional Quality Websites Made Easy WebPlus X6

buynow big Serif WebPlus X6

List Price: $ 99.99

Price: $ 59.99

Connected Ideal Ecommerce Hosting Products

Serif WebPlus X6

Search Engine Optimizers SEO Proposal

seo1 Search Engine Optimizers SEO Proposal

Search Engine Optimizers SEO Proposal

Search engine optimization is a approach that elevates a web site in the outcomes of search through a particular search engine. This is accomplished by altering the search phrases or HTML codes in a site to make it match what the search engine is looking for. There are a number of search engine optimizers that can increase the ranking of a web site.

Internet site analysis is one of the initial search engine optimizers place to use. This is completed to see what methods want to be taken to improve its ranking in the search engine results. Some of the regions that are analyzed are frequent every day items like layout, font, design, colors and background. Others are a lot more technical like the links, meta-tags, HTML codes, browser compatibility, internet site load occasions and website statistics. Keyword study is a big part of search engine optimizations. It is the key phrases that have the largest influence on exactly where a internet site will show up on a search engine. The right keyword will have a big effect on search engine optimization and is one particular of the best optimizers that can be utilised toward reaching that goal.

Copywriting is an usually-overlooked aspect. Developers are typically focused on the search phrases and coding that functions internally in a search engine to uncover a internet site. They typically overlook the standard ideas of ease of use and design that get a user to come back to the internet site. Also, the more that the very same keywords are employed in the improvement of the web site, the higher it will seem in a search result.

An additional search engine optimization approach is to improve the web site load time. Search engines will push web sites that take too long to load additional down on the final results listing, even if they match the search phrases and other code requirements.

Website creators also require to think about the compatibility in between the site and the diverse browsers that are accessible nowadays. The far more universally compatible a website is, the a lot more most likely it is to be viewed by much more men and women.

Go to for far more information relating to why this firm is 1 of the premiere search engine optimizers. Speak to AffordableSEOsuccess right now for your no obligation search engine optimization proposal by calling 717.742.0674

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Search Engine Optimizers SEO Proposal

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Blogging Tips - Immediate Blog Monetization

blogging tips Blogging Tips Immediate Blog Monetization

Blogging Tips – Immediate Blog Monetization

There is practically nothing far better than swift and simple cash. And there is no quicker and less difficult cash than placing up a certain type of blog. This is a down and dirty, no muss, no fuss approach. It really is not pretty and nobody is going to award you style points for it, but when you commence to see the traffic coming in, you will thank me for sharing these killer tips. So let’s start.

Initial point you want to do is head on more than to Google Trends. Each and every hour, they update with the latest hot searches. This is what men and women are seeking for correct now. For example, as I am writing this, everyone and their grandmother is hunting up the Michael Vick press conference considering that he just signed with the Eagles for two years. Merely go to the web site, discover anything hot that can be monetized in some way (with Vick you can often sell football associated stuff) and then move on to the next step.

That subsequent step is getting oneself a Blogspot weblog. The cause you want a Blogspot blog is since you don’t have to wait for obtaining a domain propagated to your hosting. With Blogspot, it’s instantaneous. I can get a blog up and running actually within 10 minutes…and that is with all that’s going to come subsequent.

What comes subsequent is the write-up you’re going to create for your weblog. It should relate directly to the news occasion. In the case of Michael Vick, you may want to write a summary of the press conference. People searching for this phrase are going to want to know what went down. A great summary will attract a lot of visitors.

Lastly, there is the actual monetization. There are two simple techniques to monetize one thing like this. For starters, you can put some AdSense blocks on your weblog. This is a excellent way to make some money without men and women possessing to acquire something.

If you choose your key phrases correctly, Google will show the relevant ads. In addition to AdSense, you can go to Amazon and get some links for football related merchandise. Just spot them beneath your report and you happen to be bound to make a couple of sales from it when you get sufficient traffic.

That brings us to the final piece of the puzzle…obtaining traffic. You want to do this quickly, so the best quick ways are by way of social bookmarking and social networking. Go to places like Digg and Twitter and bookmark and tweet about your blog and you will have very a couple of people going there. If you also have a relevant list to the niche, you can email them and let them know about your new blog.

Like I stated, this is a very swift technique that can, in many situations, bring you benefits in a matter of hours. So if you want to make cash quickly, this is one particular excellent way to do it…with a cost-free Blogspot weblog.



favicon Blogging Tips Immediate Blog Monetization Blogging Tips Immediate Blog Monetizationfavicon Blogging Tips Immediate Blog Monetization Blogging Tips Immediate Blog Monetization

Blogging Tips - Immediate Blog Monetization

VPS Hosting With Debian Linux VPS

banner VPS Hosting With Debian Linux VPS

VPS Hosting With Debian Linux VPS

Debian is an operating program that is by oneself of the essential flavors of Linux. The operating system has a long a prestigious history and is one particular of the compose blazers in the discharge software movement. Debian is open sourced, viewpoint that it is unchain to the public in addition to can act for modified by these with adequate technological knowledge. However, there is also a possessed online community that offers indicative updates to Debian. This core of staffers and programmers hyperlink to a scrupulous honesty of move and ethics called the Debian Social Contract.

This adherence to an overarching mission statement has created Debian one of the mightily profitable Linux creations ever. It has given rise to alive with otherwise common operating systems. The exorbitantly coveted Ubuntu, the major operating system primarily based suffocate the Linux kernel that even surpasses Debian in usage, was crafted from the structure of Debian. This ensures that there is a host of functions for this operating profile. One particular of the a lot more prevalent is acting as an operating program for internet servers.

Debian can run as the operating technique for desktops but it once again perform this function on each physical and virtual lattice servers. Debian VPS is a trustworthy trellis server operating system and typically comes standard whereas a clear bones operating formation when a server is very first booted up. This makes resourceful once again deem Debian standard if you are a internet programmer of web developer. Interfacing with Debian makes it possible for regimentation of a lattice server.

Nevertheless, for most kin a present framework server is beyond their cost straighten. These pieces of hardware can emolument thousands of dollars and often oblige a sizable commitment to upkeep and energy consumption. Nevertheless, there is an additional option that charge berth the love as way to a net server. A virtual private server is the incipient. This aspect permits you to lease space on a physical server getting additional company. This grants you access to the physical resources of that server. The manner in which you manipulate certain is exactly where the virtual comes in.

Buying a Linux VPS server presents you with a virtual machine. This is not an for true physical vitality but pretty a digital approximation of a physical server. It is loaded with exhaustive the tools you need to artist similar functions on an actual server. This virtual interface allows access to the processing power of a actual server but for only a fraction of the expense. In addition, rather than sharing space with unrelated consumers, you are great enough vital server access that only you can use. This is an superb charge potent way of managing a internet service by remote.

The modern day Cpanel VPS manage panel gets to rave about evaluations across the board for getting reputable and safe. Pick a inexpensive web site hosting that believes in these same qualities for Ubuntu VPS, and you have got a strong foundation for your website.

favicon VPS Hosting With Debian Linux VPS VPS Hosting With Debian Linux VPSfavicon VPS Hosting With Debian Linux VPS VPS Hosting With Debian Linux VPS

VPS Hosting With Debian Linux VPS

Prime PHP eCommerce Software

interspire logo 300x67 Prime PHP eCommerce Software

Prime PHP eCommerce Software

It can be tough to find good application for running your on-line business. There are so many purchasing carts obtainable that you may find it challenging to limit the list of software program. Because there are not many testimonials offered that are not based on biased opinions, it makes the job even a lot more hard. With that stated, here are five actions that will aid you uncover the greatest purchasing cart software for your on-line company.

Narrow Down Your Selections

Initial of all, you will want to narrow down the list of possibilities. There is no way that you could possibly evaluation hundreds of shopping cart possibilities most of which would be a waste of your time. You do not want to grow to be overwhelmed by software program that would not meet your needs to commence with. A very good way to narrow down your list is to look at costs and functions that the application provides. You can get rid of a lot by knowing the features you would call for for your on the web shop. This will save you a lot of time given that this will remove a quantity of possibilities. Being aware of your value range is also a wonderful way to remove what you can not afford. You don’t want to invest time reading critiques on software program that you can afford to obtain.

Know What Is Critical

Knowing what your on-line retailer would demand is the essential to finding the very best software. If you know the best 3 essential needs then you will much less most likely be bombarded with too considerably information. When you know what you are truly searching for you can start to get rid of the software program alternatives that do not fit your requirements. Once you have narrowed down your selection, you may want to get in touch with the vendor about how their software would help the diverse applications.

Many times vendors can lead you to demos that will you show you specifically how the various applications will function for your web site. This will save you a lot time.

Find out About The Buyer Service

It is important to know the high quality of their consumer service. A good way to test this out is to send an email with a couple of inquiries about sales. You will want to pay interest to how quickly your inquiries had been answered as properly as what kind of format did they use to answer your questions. For instance, did they just use some kind of programmed response alternatively listening to what you in fact needed? You will also want to verify out the technical support that is offered. This is a main element in running an eCommerce company.

Discover Reviews Written By Customers

Reading the evaluations of actual users is a excellent way to find out about buying cart software program. Customers will typically outline the pros and cons of the product for you. This will help you remove software program that has a lot of negative testimonials without wasting a lot of your time. This is also a fantastic way to locate computer software is very ranked amongst customers.

Using these four tips for obtaining purchasing cart application for your on the web store you will greatly boost the odds of discovering the perfect software program rapidly. These suggestions will maintain you from spending hours researching software that will not operate for you enterprise.

Grow by leaps and bounds with application to skyrocket your organization (and without hiring your own software program improvement group): online eCommerce, php eCommerce software program, email marketing software program, and content management program application by Interspire.

favicon Prime PHP eCommerce Software Prime PHP eCommerce Softwarefavicon Prime PHP eCommerce Software Prime PHP eCommerce Software

Prime PHP eCommerce Software

Understanding Windows ASP.NET Hosting

asp .net 300x225 Understanding Windows ASP.NET Hosting

Understanding Windows ASP.NET Hosting

Windows ASP.NET is a hosting network that contains a pack for plesk power, DNN, a kit for Portal Strater and report starter. It also has a time tracker. This net hosting network has attributes that make it suitable for a wide variety of organizations. It is created with the aim of producing on-line company transaction straightforward and effective. Nowadays, there are a lot of providers of Windows ASP.NET hosting solutions. Nonetheless, not all of them have what it requires to make certain that a enterprise reaps the most from its investment in technology. Therefore, make sure that you are knowledgeable about this technology before hiring a service provider.

Features Of Windows ASP.NET Hosting

Windows ASP.NET has a several attributes created to facilitate efficient operating of a organization. For instance, it has feature that permits for limitless e-mail accounts, limitless responders, limitless forwarding, mailing list, net mail, address, Spam protection, Spam solution, antivirus, IMAP, SMTP and POP3 support.

It also has attributes that let for e-commerce transactions. For instance, it has a large quantity of purchasing carts. It also has a capability for payment processing. There are also media support features such as streaming video, Microsoft silver light, streaming audio, actual video and audio, shock wave, flash and also MIME kinds.

There are a lot of benefits of employing Windows ASP.NET. For instance, this technologies enables 1 to program their site development since they know that they can access newest technologies with ease. With Windows ASP.NET hosting solutions, you can always be certain that your databases and emails are secure. The technology also tends to make it attainable for you to develop and access sites with diverse scripts. You can also have your PHP script connected to SQL server and even MySQL database. Essentially, this technology allows for the use of wide variety of scripting engines.

In addition, website manage panels and the Plesk offer installers of distinct applications. This permits you to install different net applications. You also have an option of setting up WordPress inside a quite brief time. Some providers of Windows ASP.NET hosting solutions will assistance multi website hosting for WordPress.

Getting The Greatest Hosting Solutions

With majority providers of Windows ASP.NET hosting services, consumers get premium restoration services. This tends to make it possible for them to restore their files with ease. This implies that if a file was lost or deleted accidentally and the client wants it back, it can be restored back. Nevertheless, there are service providers who will charge their clients for that. As a result, look for a service provider who will not charge you for this.

When hunting for a provider of these solutions, constantly make certain that you do some research initial. Appear for a service provider who has been supplying quality solutions for a long period. You want a provider who has a reputation for top quality services. This will ensure that you get solutions provided by a specialist who knows how to deal with problems before they become problematic. This indicates that a very good provider of hosting solutions will constantly monitor and preserve their networks and servers. Responding to network, safety and server alerts to hold the technique often updated with most recent scripting engines, control panel and patches.

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favicon Understanding Windows ASP.NET Hosting Understanding Windows ASP.NET Hostingfavicon Understanding Windows ASP.NET Hosting Understanding Windows ASP.NET Hosting

Understanding Windows ASP.NET Hosting