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Twenty-five New Clients Select Evergage in Q3 2013; Increasing Demand for Real-time Behavior-Based Web Personalization Fuels Growth

Evergage 300x224 Twenty five New Clients Select Evergage in Q3 2013; Increasing Demand for Real time Behavior Based Web Personalization Fuels Growth

Twenty-five New Clients Select Evergage in Q3 2013

Evergage continues its growth momentum, adding 25 new clients in Q3. EIG and Acquia give two examples of real-time web personalization showing results.

As marketers increasingly look to optimize conversion rates and drive customer success through real-time personalized web experiences, Evergage (evergage.com) today announced it experienced strong growth in its client base in the third-quarter of 2013, adding 25 new companies to its roster. Notable new clients include Millward Brown Digital, Brainshark, CMSWire, Daptiv, Crimson Hexagon, Acquia, Bullhorn and Endurance International Group (EIG).

EIG, one of the world’s largest hosting companies, needed a way to present targeted upsell offers to hosting customers right in the context of their online interaction. Using Evergage, EIG is now able to message in real time to those customers who show interest in certain applications or tools and convert them into qualified leads.

“Getting 11% click through rate on one of our [website] messages, which is resulting in 28% click-through rate on the lead form — this is a game-changer for the hosting business,” said Robert Krygowski, director of product management, EIG.

Acquia, a Drupal solutions provider, wanted to be able to better understand and respond to its customers with targeted messaging. With Evergage, Acquia is able to recognize if a visitor is a developer by certain actions taken on their site, for example, and offer that person relevant prompts that will guide them through a successful experience toward conversion.

“We have started to use web personalization tools such as Evergage on our blog section. We promoted a Solr webinar on our blog for a few weeks and increased traffic to that webinar by 11 percent and leads generated from that webinar by 7 percent,” commented Katelyn Fogarty, senior manager of digital marketing, Acquia.

Following triple digit revenue growth in the last 12 months, Evergage has also doubled its staff and management team and is actively hiring in sales, marketing, customer success and engineering. The company is now bringing the benefits of real-time behavior-based customer engagement to companies in a wide variety of verticals including: SaaS applications, B2B Marketing websites, Hosting, Ecommerce/Retail, Financial Services and Travel.

“The majority of a business’ relationship with its customers and prospects occurs online. This means that education, selling, conversion and customer success all require understanding visitor behavior and responding to it right in the context of the visit,” said Karl Wirth, CEO of Evergage. “We are thrilled to be helping our clients transform how they convert prospects to successful customers in real time.”

About Evergage

The Evergage platform delivers real-time web personalization to more than 50 million web visitors, optimizing site conversions and customer success for over 60 organizations, including EIG, Gardener’s Supply Company, Acquia, DYN, Sittercity, and Millward Brown Digital. Evergage’s tools empower marketers and customer success teams with real-time dynamic content and inline messaging features, such as information bars, call outs and smart task lists, behavioral analytics and segmentation, and integrations with other top CRM and SaaS providers. Founded in 2010 as Apptegic, Evergage has offices in Boston, San Francisco and India. For more information, visit evergage.com or contact the company at sales(at)evergage(dot)com or 1-888-310-0589.

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Twenty-five New Clients Select Evergage in Q3 2013; Increasing Demand for Real-time Behavior-Based Web Personalization Fuels Growth

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